Seven Deadly Dances

Many people are aware of the Seven Deadly Sins of classical religious thought. There were also the Seven Deadly Virtues, of which significantly fewer people are aware. In case you aren't up on classical religious thought, here they are:

(See Wikipedia for an in-depth discussion of these.)

Even less well-known are the Seven Deadly Dances. These are common, every-day parts of life and the dances associated with them. I can't find these listed on-line anywhere, so for your edification, here are the Seven Deadly Dances.

Reel of Disappointment

Jig of Standing on the Wrong Side of the Bathroom Door

Cumbia of Contentment at a Tasty Meal

Waltz of Wistfulness

Tango of the Horizontal Tango

Schottische of Finding One Has Stepped in Something Unpleasant

Strathspey of Stumbling Over One's Own Two Feet,
After Which One Stops and Looks Back at the Floor with a
Confused Look in Order to Hide One's Embarassment

Text copyright 2006 by Wayne Morrison, all rights reserved.

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