Bimbo Bakery

I saw this truck on the highway last night. As you can see, it's the delivery truck for Bimbo Bakery. I was quite taken with the thought of an ursine Bimbo delivering donuts, pastries, and bread. I risked life and limb taking these photos through my windshield, while driving at highway speeds. All for you.

  (I really hate to say this, but someone has to.) I wonder what their tarts are like?

You really should visit the Bimbo Bakery website. I am very impressed at what they've done. There's animation and videos and spaceships and astro bimbos and conveyor belts. It'd be horrid over a dial-up line, but it's pretty spiffy. (No joking, I really am impressed by it.)

Text copyright 2009 by Wayne Morrison, all rights reserved.
These photographs are all copyright 2009 by Wayne Morrison ( All rights reserved.

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