Church Signs

Many churches have marquees that are used to announce special events, provide service times, and give inspirational messages. Unfortunately, people can't resist using marquees for "inspirational" messages, usually involving puns that even I wouldn't use, or just plain strange messages. This is the start of a collection of those church signs that made me scratch my head and say, "Huh?"

Real Dads -- Salem, VA

Salem, VA, Real Dads Git Er done

Just what are real dads being exhorted to do? Is this an updated phrasing of "Go forth and multiply" from Genesis 1:28? This almost makes it sound like God is has a streak of voyeurism, though only directed towards moral, upstanding people. Perhaps it's a folk saying common to the mountain region of south-western Virginia.

Regardless, I'm at a loss as to what real dads are supposed to be doing. I'm also thinking that Southern Baptists have gotten a lot more progressive than they were when I was one.

Text and photographs copyright 2007 by Wayne Morrison, all rights reserved.

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