Dumb Jokes

I often think of dumb jokes. Sometimes, they're dumb enough that I want to inflict share them with others. Here are a few.

(Last update: 07/01/04)

06/12/21 Q: What is a Communist's favorite condiment? Mao-nnaise

06/12/21 Didja hear about the National Gallery of Art's new Monetary Policy?
If you see one for sale, buy it.

(That one really only works as when read. If at all.)

06/12/11 Q: What is Jesus' favorite flower?
A: In-carnations.

06/12/11 Didja hear about the shrimper who wanted to grab life by the prawns?

06/08/11 prank caller: "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?"
smoke shop guy: "Only if your piercer has really bad aim."

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