Shipping Mjöllnir and Captain America's Shield

I haven't done much reading (or writing, for that matter) in the fan-fic world and have only heard about the "shipping" aspect of it from friends. During a recent fan-fic discussion with these friends, I had an idea for a story about the relationship between Thor's hammer Mjöllnir and Captain America's shield. The result is below.

Hammer and Shield, Going At It

WHAM! The door flew off its hinges. Standing on the threshold, with its long wood handle pointing proudly skyward, was Mjöllnir. "I have come," said the indomitable tool.

The shield, light glinting fetchingly off its luscious curves, said demurely, "I hope you shall evermore."

"Neither Dalkon nor aught else shall resist my might. My head was made for banging."

"I also have great strength and can stand up to non-stop banging." The shield took a deep breath, and in a deep whisper asked, "What's your name, studmaker?"

"All my special girls call me Mew-mew."

Grasping the shield's supple handles in a tight embrace, Mjöllnir said, "Grab my thong and we'll fly to the heights of ecstasy."

The intertwined pair soared off into the night and were never seen again.


Copyright 2014 by Wayne Morrison ( All rights reserved.
Captain America and his shield are trademarks (copyrights?) of Marvel/Disney. Their use here falls under the aegis of parody and fair use.
Thor's hammer Mjöllnir is the intellectual property of Sindri and Brokkr, though their patent expired centuries ago.

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