Schrödinger's Plagiarism

Schrödinger was celebrated for his famous box o' kitty experiment. (Which he always pretended was merely a thought experiment...) Simply stated, this experiment says, "Put a kitty in a box with a hammer. After an hour, you don't know if it's alive or dead until you look in the box." This implies that state changes can happen only when the subject is not being observed.

The box o' kitty experiment is an obfuscated restatement of work pioneered by the Eldenwyfen Research Group. Their work is summarized by saying, "A watched pot never boils." The state change of water from not-boiling to boiling may only happen when the water is not being observed.

Clearly, Schrödinger was familiar with the work of the Eldenwyfens. He used their work -- which was given in a simple, folkish manner -- and restated it in a more complicated, kitty-unfriendly format. In my exhaustive research of Schrödinger's work, never have I seen any credit given to the Eldenwyfen Research Group. It appears that he used the ERG's work to bring him fame, fortune, and babes, yet kept the deep, dark secret that he owed everything to the Eldenwyfen.

Text copyright 2006 by Wayne Morrison, all rights reserved.

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