Christmas Cards

Sometimes I get Christmas cards that make me wonder what the card company was thinking. Below are some I've gotten that I find weird, yet amusing. (There's just the one for now, but I hope to dig up more from previous years.)

Just for the record, I like both these cards. There's just rather interesting stories that go with them.

The Circle of Life


  Here we have the wondrous Circle of Life. The butterfly is contemplating that tasty leaf, the downy woodpecker is contemplating that tasty butterfly, the vicious bunny is contemplating that tasty downy woodpecker.

And you, the viewer, are looking at the vicious bunny and thinking hasenfeffer...

This card is from the Humane Society.


I Saw Kitty Eating Saaaaanta Claws


  There are a couple strange things about this picture.
  • This cat has apparently ambushed Santa and eaten him alive. (Notice how pleased with itself the cat is looking, as it sits besides Santa's empty boots.)

  • I'd say that it was odd the cat could be so fastidious in its seasonal repast, but y'know, the walls and floor are blood-red.

  • After Santa came down the chimney (and presumably after the cat killed Santa and before the cat started eating Santa) the cat started a cozy fire. I guess this isn't so strange, because the cat undoubtedly wanted a nice warm and homey fire beside which it would enjoy its meal.


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